This Windows Phone Pebble app isn’t available for long


The Pebble Time may have broke $1 million in Kickstarter pledges at a record-setting pace, but it likely didn’t do that with much help from Windows Phone users. The wearable lacks an official first-party app for Redmond’s handsets, but Read more »


A new MacBook, net neutrality and other stories you might’ve missed!


Did you miss some of this week’s biggest stories? Fear not, because we have you covered. First up, check out our impressions of Apple’s new MacBook, then read Jeb Bush’s thoughts on net neutrality (hint: it’s crazy) and take a closer look at the Apple Watch. You can find all this and more in our weekend Read more »


BlackBerry’s first tablet in years is a secure Galaxy Tab S

BlackBerry’s first experience with tablets was more than a little traumatic, but it hasn’t completely given up on the idea. The company’s SecuSmart wing has teamed up with IBM to launch the SecuTablet, an Read more »


Watch this biped robot endure kicks and a barrage of dodgeballs

For a biped robot to be able to do its job, it needs to be stable — it can’t topple at the gentlest touch or gust of wind. That’s why Oregon State University’s Dynamic Robotics Laboratory designed its prototype robot called ATRIAS to be extra stable, as Read more »